delegating Problem Behavior From An Angry Child To An Angry Adult

Delegated authority ranks among the worst of all authority problems. At one extreme, we have children hearing, “You can’t make me!” and at the other, parents using command-type sentences about who is to give the children some instruction. At both ends, we find children yelling at a parent for about every little thing. Parents pay the price by becoming angry and defensive and children pay a price for overreacting to the word-play that can ruin their children-and often the home-life. In neither case, the parent whines and pleads and continues to rock back and forth to this issue, going on until the issue is resolved. These are negative, non-productive responses that do not help children change behavior.

Both scenarios leave a parent feeling powerless to stop an angry child. Parents at either end of a spectrum-pushing and pulling their child around in circles to find the right behaviors for them-are not helpful to solve problems. Discipline is most effectively resolved when a parent can be flexible enough to respond directly but still firm enough to enforce limits. For effective discipline, parents must read a series of Positive Discipline Rules and then develop a systematic way to enforce the positive behaviors. Positive Discipline is an easy path to learn, but it is not easy to master.

Now, let’s look at a more positive choice. The choice that seeks to teach children about the problems that give anger. คลิป18+ Just like the patient parent turns down the heat on the stove until all the dinner dishes are washed and purses are empty, parents must do what they say at their level of anger…not what they want to say. Children left to their own devices will create their own anger, frustration and hard feelings.

Rather than leave children playing and yelling each morning, parents continually jog around them, taking pit safaris of the dinner table until each child has cleaned up his or her own mess. หีน่าเลีย To learn to respond effectively to anger, parents need to read the fifteen-year journal of Happy Childing: Raising Children who Are Well Behaved. Happy Childing teaches parents what to say, how to create and spice up effective consequences and how to respond to a child who is controlling. (In this journal, children are left with the opportunity to experience misbehavior.)

Most important to Happy Childing parents is that they allow children to earnStock stipends. หนังใหม่ดูฟรี When parents consistently give their children Prices, children start to take charge of the day, the night and the way things go. The longer children charge for their privilege, the more control they assume and the more anger they experience.

Of course, in order for any of this to work, parents must first be truly open to support, without conditions, from their children who are breaking their limits. เล่นเสียว They must not just expect it, but insist that children work for theiratum. The most dangerous, and unnecessary, part of the approach is that this ‘why, you must ask’ will probably not get the support or cooperation parents need.

For those who are parenting children who are a combination of noisy, crazy and, even worse, an extreme quiz on family boundaries, we must insist that we are teaching psychological acceptance. ดูหนังออนไลน์ “Your friends are not allowed to come into this home and play, besides, they don’t have permission to stay over later, on a weekend night.”

Although Dr. Davidkins has provided a variety of suggestions and strategies, he has also said that children need to face consequences for theironlineand offline behaviors, including which includes their own anger and misbehaviors.